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Greenwich Cemetery has been and continues to be a place where families or individuals can place or endow various special memorial donations. Each such donation is marked by a plaque with the name of the person in whose memory it was given.

Veterans' Memorial Scout Project

Veterans Memorial Scout ProjectThe Cemetery was chosen as the site for an Eagle Project by a local Boy Scout. This scout chose as his project to design and build a memorial to all American Veterans. He chose Greenwich as an appropriate site for this project as Greenwich Cemetery is the final resting place of many veterans from the Revolutionary War to the present. He raised all the necessary funds himself, personally did what work he could and had a professional do that part which called for special expertise. Part of this finished project includes a brazier for the respectful burning of retired American flags. (Among the services which some Boy Scout troops offer is the ceremonious burning of retired flags.) A local scout troop conducts this ceremony here in Greenwich Cemetery once or twice each year.

Flagpole and Bench

flagpole benchStanding outside the Greenwich Cemetery office is a 20' tall flagpole. It was a donated by the family of a World War II veteran buried in the cemetery. Nearby sits a cement bench dedicated to the 343 firefighters who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This bench was donated by a good friend of someone whose son was one of those firefighters.

Both these memorials were dedicated in a ceremony held on September 7, 2002. The keynote speaker at that event was a Lieutenant Colonel who was stationed at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. In his remarks he shared some of his experiences on that day. A copy of his speech is preserved in the cemetery office.

Paver Pathway

Located off a main drive in the cemetery, a stone pathway leads to the columbarium. This pathway was made possible by donations from a family whose family ties to Greenwich Cemetery go back several generations.

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Fountain Area

Midway in the paver pathway leading to our columbarium is a graceful fountain with benches on either side. The fountain was a donation in memory of the mother of two of our Board presidents. One of the benches was donated in the memory of their father. The other was donated by the Greenwich Cemetery Board of Trustees in recognition of a past president's years of service to the Cemetery Association.

Angel Statueangle statue

At the back section of the cemetery is a curved drive which leads to the site of a future chapel. On the ground within this curve sits an angel statue given by a family in memory of their young son who is buried here.


At various other spots in the cemetery, usually by a tree, are benches given by families in memory of their loved ones. These benches provide attractive places for visitors to sit and reflect or just rest.


Sitting off the road encircling one section of the cemetery is a specially landscaped meditation area featuring a curved stone path leading to a pond with waterfall. A bench sits on this pathway with the verse. "Lo I am with you always." Although she could have, the donor of this area chose not to have her nor anyone's name inscribed on the bench. The area is her gift to future visitors to Greenwich Cemetery.

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